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I am doing some outdoor recording with a Sennheiser 416, and recently got a Sennheiser blimp system to accompany the mic, and to keep wind/handling noise down. 


I bought the blimp used, but it's virtually new, and it came at a smoking deal, compared to the price of nearly $1000 for a new kit from B&H. The one caveat of this deal is that the smaller set of mic clips for the 416 and similar mics (19mm diameter) is not with the blimp. The fellow who sold it to me could not find them as he did not use the blimp with a 416. I know that these smaller clips come with the standard complete kit new, along with the bigger ones for the MKH 60 & 66. I CANNOT find replacements for these small 416-friendly clips. Anywhere. It's been killing me. Sennheiser barely knew what I was talking about. they gave me part numbers that yielded nothing on their site. 


If anyone has a line on these, or someone in possession of spare parts, or a good online store that has spare parts for suspensions similar to the MZS20-1 grip made by Sennheiser, it would be a terrific help. These clips are 19mm in diameter, and are suspended via rubber bands within the grip's c-shaped suspension mounts, I've included a picture of the Sennheiser grip system. 


Rycote lyres are supposedly incompatible with the Sennheiser MZS20-1 grip, according to Rycote. I read somewhere that supposedly they work together, but I am less familiar with the Rycote grip system mounting rail. If anyone knows for sure, then I can confirm that Rycote lyres are not an option. 


Sorry for the long message. Small missing part, BIG problem. 


Many thanks in advance for your input. 





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If it were me I'd install a set of K-Tek Suspenders.  They offer superior performance and will work fine with a surprising number of baskets and suspensions.  They're only $18-$20 a pair.  (NOTE:  Don't buy knockoffs, make sure they're genuine K-Tek.) 


Try your local location sound dealer first, if they don't have them in stock they're also available through B&H (like I said, avoid the B&H knockoffs!).


With a mic as slim as a Schoeps or 416 it's a good idea to put rubber O-rings on each side, outside the Suspenders, to prevent any slipping.  You can easily find those at your local hardware store in the plumbing section.

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Additional note:  To accommodate the Suspenders, you might want to slightly widen the slots that the rubber bands fit in.  A nail file would likely suffice.


Why fool with eight tiny rubber bands and a pair of breakable clips (on the Rycotes they break easily) when a pair of K-Tek Suspenders offers superior isolation performance?  Seems like a "no-brainer" to me.

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