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Is RF radiation a concern?

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Hello all.......

I've been using a Nomad in a bag with a harness for some time, usually with an ERX receiver... The harness holds the Nomad close in to my body... During a normal day the Nomad heats up and with it, my midriff... However it is not just warm, but also slightly tingly.... not unlike the sensation of having a laptop on my lap....


So I started thinking about how good / bad this is for my body. As I use it most days for many hours a day in this configuration, I have started to worry slightly at the health consequences (if any) of this prolonged use of a 2.4Ghz transmitter being located so close to me.


So I was thinking about trying to incorporate one of these DefenderPad into my bag, to attempt to shield the bag from my body. Has anyone out there tried one of these before? It also says that it cuts down RF emissions, so I was wondering if I also put one on the other side could I cut down the RF spill into my radios?


I have tried lowering the Zaxnet power, but obviously I loose some coverage and it doesn't seem to cut down on that tingly sensation...


The blurb on the defenderpad site lists the possible effects of having a laptop on ones lap as these:

  • Fertility problems in men and women
  • DNA fragmentation (irreversible changes to the genetic code)
  • Toasted Skin Syndrome (Erythema ab igne), burns and rashes
  • Other serious health concerns

should i worry more or less?

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Actually, Quantum Physics shows a somewhat non intuitive property.  If a radiation source doesn't have energetic enough photons to cause a non thermal effect, ie, it is non ionizing, no matter how man

My apologies in that case!   Maybe I tend to overreact to the antenophobia nonsense because it irks me so much.

I love Mumbo Jumbo.    Thanks Jim!

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i shouldn't joke, i can understand why this would be of concern but i'm sure Zaxcom and the FCC(?) will have done the necessary to be sure the equipment is safe to operate in the way it was designed to be, IE close to the body.

Contact them for re-assurance (there you go Eric).



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I hired on in TV news in 1979, crews were shooting with auricons & cp 16s' all powered by battery belts….i was the third man with the silver bullet "sun gun" powered by a battery belt. The 1980s' dawned as did video and our station was split 50/50 film video and all equipment was powered by around your waist battery belts. Now the 3 man film crew was down to 2 man.. so cam ops wore "sun gun" batt belts and camera belts and sometimes a spare!! I went to 5 funerals in the last 10 years…5 former camera men from our shop, all with liver,bladder,pancreatic cancers! It is not a joke when folks ask about their "NADS"nowadays…i am seeing a proliferation of dejeero/live view/TVU "Live Packs", basically 4-6 cell phones wired together spewing rf…it should make you think!

Just my two cents


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I would think that *if* there is any concern in this world, it would be camera ops with much higher power video transmitters near their brains. 


Zaxnet is 2.4GHz, basically the same RF as computer WiFi, which every smartphone has, and every laptop and tablet. There is also a much more powerful one hidden in the drop ceiling above people's desks in offices, or under their desk at home. 


Regular Zaxcom and Lectrosonics transmitters pop in between TV stations. TV stations that are WAY more powerful than your transmitters. Not to sound heartless, but we haven't seen a proliferation of actors and newscasters getting problems. They wear transmitters every day. 


If you are really worried, get some of that RF fabric and make a pad liner in your bag. If that gives you some piece of mine, then why not. I worked on one show and we ended up with an extra trauma plate (kevlar rectangle that drops in the front of bulletproof vests). I put it in my sound bag because "why not". It weighs less than a pound and is only about 1/4" thick, and might protect me, or my gear, or my snacks. 

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