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Hi, and welcome....


3rdI: " What other mic's should a sound mixer have? "



the 552 is a capable mixer and recorder for many projects, and the Zoom is a possibly useful toy...

the 416 is a versatile, popular,  and well respected microphone for may purposes, including movie sound, and the ME-66 is a reasonably priced and often under appreciated option, with less popularity amongst working professionals...

The TRAM TR-50 was once a mainstay in professional use, but there are newer options available, and without a wireless link, the value in movie sound is rather limited.


lets start with questioning the premise...

you may not need anything much more (in equipment) than you have,  or you might be vastly under equipped, depending on what you are actually doing; it is what you need that dictates what you should have.

certainly you need experience...start working with the tools and toys you have to see what they can, and cannot do (or do well) for you, and you will begin to develop your additional requirements


besides spending some time reading the discussions on www.jwsoundgroup.net, (amongst other things you will learn that it is not about the arrows, but it is about the archer) you need some additional book learnin' like Jay Rose's books at www.dplay.com, and Rick Viers' Location Sound Bible www.mwp.com.


and maybe tell us a bit more about yourself in the "who I am" thread.

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Currently I have been helping out a friend of mine by recording audio for his films.  I use a Sound Device 552 mixer with a zoom H4N.  So my question is: Other than a Sennheiser 416 and ME66 or Tram TR50 as a lav.  What other mic's should a sound mixer have?

Perhaps something in a super or hyper-cardioid. Something like a Sennheiser MKH50 (expensive at around $1200 new) or an Audio Technica AT-4053b (less expensive at around $600 new).

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Good advice so far. If it were me, I'd sell the Zoom H4N and ME66. You can record on the 552, and the ME66 (a mic I don't really like) is similar (and inferior) to your 416. At least, that's my memory; been a long long time since I've worked with a M66 (and that was under duress). Use the money to buy other stuff.


Like Jim suggests above, consider getting a hypercardioid mic…. How many wireless systems do you have?


But more significantly, what sort of work are you doing and would you like to be doing over the next year or so (and beyond)?

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I would also add that you should own things..not just mics that you are familiar with using and are an expert at...But dont limit yourself..and read manuals about gear that you like..or that you might rent someday or that might be provided to you on a shoot that provides gear..Dont get caught the night before trying to figure out how something works :)

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I currently have two older lectrosonic 185 systems and I am currently working on a few indie horror films, commercials and interviews. So far everything has gone smooth with the mic's I listed above. I haven't had any complaints and the directors seem to be satisfied with the sound.

I would like to get the right gear so if I decide to be a full time mixer, I dont have to replace the equipment I already have.

Thanks for the info.

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Take Jim Feeley's advice and sell the ME66 and Zoom (or store them away as backup). 


As for what you buy from here going forward, it depends entirely upon what your needs are.  Use what you have as you develop your chops and you'll discover along the way what your needs really are.  Adding more gear won't make you a pro.  Go into "Learning Mode" rather than "Buying Mode" and you'll advance more quickly.


If you need to ask what to buy, you're not at a stage where you need to buy it.

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