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695 Quarterly Winter 2014 Online

Richard Lightstone, CAS

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Nice article on Jim Webb. My first set visit was seeing my Dad do music playback on For the Boys back around 1991, which Jim mixed for Mark Rydell. My Dad has a great set photo of himself and Geoff Patterson with crew cuts so they could work on set and be filmed.

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Yes, a big +1 to David W. for the article on Jim Webb. Very nicely done- a great reminder on how it got done "back in the day".


Despite the bleak situation that 695 is currently facing, that issues on set that matter to us on a daily basis continue on....


(Nice cover photo too!)



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Thank you all for the kind words. I've been meaning to do a profile of Jim Webb for a long time now and I'm glad we were able to shine a spotlight on his contributions.


Regarding "For the Boys," I'd like to give credit to Duke Marsh, the playback operator on the picture. He is justifiably proud of being able to meet some very challenging demands from Mark Rydell, the director. Gary Raymond worked the show and assisted Duke on several of those larger playback scenes.




I should add that we accept contributions from all over. Our goal is to celebrate the good work done by audio and video professionals. We focus primarily, as you'd expect, on members of Local 695 but we do extend our reach on occasion. Contact us at: mag@695.com

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