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Best DPA 4063 Concealer?

Patrick Wilcox

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Simple question here: do you prefer the DPA brand concealer (DMM0012) or the LMC Sound C Mount Vampire Clip for hiding 4063's. I'm interested in all of the obvious performance benchmarks, such as transmission of clothing noise.


LMC: http://lmcsound.com/products/c-mount/


DPA: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/545888-REG/DPA_Microphones_DMM0012_DMM0012_Miniature_Concealer_for.html




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I use the 4071s and use the hard plastic concealers all the time. They work well.

That LMC rig looks like a better designed RM11 which could be nice but I haven't used it with the 4071. I'm sure it would great in most situations. I'm going to buy some and try them out in our next expendables order.

They are different tools and really have their trade offs. 


We have a sound trainee/utility who is noticing that we can use the same rig, same outfit on a different day and sometimes requires it different tools to work best. Go figure.



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One of my DPA 4061 got stepped on yesterday (don't ask) but luckily it was in the DMM0012 and it shielded the mic and didn't crack. I use mine w/ super stick it on well over half of my concealed set ups and it works well.


On more than one occasion, I have had talent jar a TX loose during a scene and after I'm done crying I find that the mic hasn't come loose even though the SMQ is dangling.


Clothing noise is inevitable on scenes with dynamic blocking, and I have yet to find a 100% wardrobe noise free solution for concealed mics. If I discover one though, I'm bottling it up, selling it and retiring.

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