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Oh you lucky, lucky, NAB people


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So - here was I thinking that this was heading towards being a moderately quiet NAB, with not a lot of companies sounding like they are doing much by way of new toys.....


Ambient, PSC, Sound Devices, Lectro, and if I am not mistaken I believe Rycote might have something...

What an absolutely amazing show it would appear that NAB 2014 is likely to be for the sound department.

Is anyone doing video reports of the new shiny things? John Coffey - where are you when we need you??

I wish we could get IPS TV out there, a la our IBC coverage!! I really am very excited now about what is going on. I want to know about it all, and now....

Enjoy folks - those of you who can get there are in for a treat....

Kindest regards to all,

Simon B

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TRUST ME: all the usual suspects will be involved...

and, BTW, while the interests of this group are generally somewhat limited, there will be, as always, lots, and lot... and lots of audio stuff on the NAB floor. remember Radio..? it is still there, you know... and now there is all the stuff on Al Gore's Internet.

Actually, I had been thinking it was time for all the folks to discuss their wish lists.

and some of our favorite usual suspects have been avoiding the rush next week, and announcing this week!

for me, NAB is a lot more about the people!

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So........ who has been to the show, and what have you seen that might have impressed you?

Is there anything, other than all the amazing new products that have been announced already online, that cought your eye or ear?



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The show opens tomorrow (Monday). Interesting announcements so far:


AJA has a camera for around $9K USD

BMD has a camera that actually looks like a camera.

Sony has a DSLR(style) camera, the A7s, that does 4K a la the Panasonic GH4.

Sony has docking unit for their F5/F55 cameras that gives them ergonomics better for ENG and doc work.


The Google can fill you in. 

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