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"I called Jon Tatooles... He asserts that the 7 series...  will lock to the 1st clock source it sees rather than defaulting to slaving from the AES/EBU input as Darren suggested earlier."

***Yes, this is the problem.  You see, I don't want the 744 to lock or slave to *anything*.  I want it to be the MasterClock.***



Yes, I'm with you now...and starting to see the light!


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I have to ask...

Yamaha's OSX drivers for mLan force you to use the computer itself as a Masterclock.  For that reason, I have not been using mLAn (as much as I'd like to).  Has this caused any issues for you?



  This has only caused an issue for me once when I was in a hurry, and mistakenly set the word clock to 44.1 and then recorded Boom Recorder in 48K, which resulted in an unusable recording (TG for the DAT and camera backups!!!)

I am not 100% sure about the MLan forcing you to use it as master. You could be completely right on that, but there is a clock source selector in the preferences. I haven't meddled with it, as my setup is working just fine.


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Thanks for the info.  Are you working with "Tiger"?  My mLAN driver for Tiger has the clock source selector greyed out.  There is a note in the driver's operating instructions that mentions this, but I believe that it stated that this only applies to Tiger.  I do not feel comfortable allowing the computer to be the MasterClock so I have not been able to take full advantage of mLAN yet.  Yamaha keeps promising to sort this out but I've basically given up waiting.  It's a shame Yamaha had to veer off into mLAN instead of just supporting standard firewire like everyone else.



I'm using OSX 10.4.8 which I believe is Tiger. Mlan 1.0.3 is the version I'm using. Maybe you need to update? Also, if you have manually selected the internal Word Clock in the 01V96, then the software might recognize this and grey it out for you...?


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