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Zaxcom RX12

Solid Goldberger

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Seems like there is some demand for an RX8, yours truly included.

Actually what I'd really like to see is a 3 slot / 6 channel Zaxcom receiver with a single 2ch Unislot built in.  It may seem counterintuitive for Zaxcom to support analog slot receivers, but most of us, even the most die hard Zaxcom lovers, have to run non-Zaxcom wireless here and there for very good reason.

True true

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On 5/27/2015 at 5:49 PM, Michael Miramontes said:

Regarding all this talk about weight, especially from those that down own an RX12,  it's not that heavy! ….and this is coming from someone with 2 herniated discs. The chassis is already made from aluminum so anything lighter may have to be carbon fiber which will definitely increase the price of the unit. 


Maybe they can make carbon fiber slot covers for those of us waiting. =)




Ok, I posted this a year ago and today I'm going to have to recant my original statement. This thing is a freaking brick in a bag! It doesn't help that my back is getting worse but I'm to the point where I'm considering either turning down bag work or selling the RX12 and going back to QRX's. Darn. 

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SIze and weight are very reasonable for 12 channels of receiver. If you need fewer channels QRX200s are a better option. At NAB we will have a very nice Demo that I am sure will do the trick when it comes to back pain and weight related health problems. 


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its relative to each persons back obviously. But I think the RX12 is small. Not heavy at all. Almost the size of Nomad! The one unit is spectacular but its only a little bit smaller than the RX12/Nomad combo.. When I think about the size of the Nagra.. or the 688.. or the Cantar.. its small. 

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On 5/22/2015 at 3:13 PM, Sam Kashefi said:

I'm also waiting for those covers.


RX-12 is a great product and i'm very satisfied with it's simplicity and Range.

I use it in my bag with 2-3 Receivers and more on my cart.


Also i'm in touch with Kortwich at the moment to come up with a better bag tailored for RX-12 and nomad.






What bag model is this and does the receiver section separate from the mixer section? Thanks... Trying to see if I can rig a more compact setup. Not too many options out there for the Nomad.

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