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Converting name of BWAV by scene and take

Diego Sanchez

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Hi everyone

On my cart I use a 788t and love it, but i was getting tired of carrying so much wait around when all i needed was 2-3 tracks for small jobs. Now I have a Sonosax MiniR82 for those jobs and sounds great.

One thing is that it creates sequential file names, noting to do with metadata. I do prefer to give production files that are named after the scene and take, like in the case of the sound devices recorders. I found a workaround for it, by uploading the files to my computer and renaming them with WaveAgent. It works great and it's very quick, but it means I also have to carry my computer.

Does any one does this and know an app for either android or iOS that can do the same? Ideally i would like to do it on my phone or on my iPad mini.

Thanks a lot


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I would talk to editorial and ask if they care. This came up when the Deva was very widespread, and my experience is that nobody cares as long as the metadata is correct and the tracks are named correctly. I personally wouldn't worry about it, but ask the post supervisor what he or she thinks. 


Wave Agent would be my suggestion as well, but this is also something that the Assistant Editor could do if it was really an issue. As long as the Sound Report specifies the name of the file with the name of the scene & take (and circled, notes, etc.) I bet it's not a big deal.


Note that the camera files do not have the scene or take number, either.

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Instead of renaming maybe just tell them what is going on in each of those files, in some sort of report?  Wave Agent can pickup the TCs if that's important but you could also just make a text file (on various devices) that correlates file # with scene/take or whatever.  When I used to do this (pre-recorder metadata entry) post seemed to like it fine.  A text file can be emailed or added to the download you give a DIT or wrangler on location.



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