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O'Connor Camera fluid head--pan lock, and other snapping noises

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It could just be these O'Connor fluid heads, the operators, or camera gear being older, but I've been noticing the clicking noise from the camera operators unlocking and locking the fluid heads on the show I'm on.

It's the pan and tilt latches

Has anyone else started to notice this annoying snapping sound?

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thinking of a remedy to this issue - in the wake of many senior sound mixers who have posted here. apologies for anything that may turn out too simplistic or too obvious... 


i would think even a piece of gaff tape maybe with a smaller piece rolled over and stuck inside should stay up longer...and reduce if not completely eliminate the metal against metal sound...  better still - a piece of foam tape with dual side adhesive - the kind used to fix mirrors to surfaces etc, just dont remove the paper on the top side...  

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The O'Connor 100 is in demand lately - I sold two of them about a year and a half ago for pretty decent coin....

The relatively smaller size and significant weight handling capability are attractive to cam ops that are in the know -

sometimes older is better!



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