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Using Audio Limited as Wireless Link

Not Chilli

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Howdy People!,

I have a set of Audio Limited 2040s which have been replaced buy my new Lectros [smqv and sbr] and i am considering using the 2040s as a wireless link to camera. Now i dont do very much wireless to camera so i dont have very much access to fiddle with a camera but i was wondering if anyone here uses the 2040s for that purpose and what tips and methods you peeps recomend.

I have tried to find something on the site but i cant seem to find it but am more than happy to read off another link if someone knows where it is.  

Just so you know i am using a 744t 442 combo with now 2 lectros and 2 2040s. I have the appropriate cables and have tested them and they seem to be all good. 

Thanks in advance!


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Kool: " I have the appropriate cables and have tested them and they seem to be all good. "

talking about wireless hopping is all over this forum (jwsoundgroup.net)...If you understand audio, and know what you are doing, it is pretty close to a no-brainer...

just hook it up.

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I do it all the time. Works perfectly. Mic out from the mixer, gain on 6 on the TX, Low cut off; mic in on the camera. I use hawk woods VLock holder or scratch the receiver on the cam.http://www.hawkwoods.com/products/details/details.php?code=vl-rm1s&mainMenuItemToSlide=5&asi=rmc-a1&asi2=vl-70

There is a stéréo version. A bit expensive but useful.

I powered the receiver via DC distro so no worry about battery.

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I've always used 2020's for wireless links when required, the I/O is the same as 2040's as is the form factor, at least in gross terms 


The receivers do function better as a mic output level device. The 2040's work fine with the AA internals, using 2000/2020 receivers, I'd fabricate some external power cables but you might not need them. Olphi has more experience with the precise model, but his/her experience mirrors mine.


Best regards,


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Hey Peeps!

I am very sorry for the late reply i think the notification system on this page might have broken on my end! But thank you for your replies! 

Mike and JonG: I understand generally speaking about sending a wireless link to camera and Gain structure [i have worked with lectros and G3s plenty of times] but i also know that every system can have there little kinks and tricks which can maximize the performance and quality and it would be awesome to achieve that without to much trial and error :-]

olphi: Thanks for the info! thats definately putting me in the right direction if not to a pinpoint! 

Bash: I guess what i was wondering was what olphi has explained. I can listen out for my gain structure but having some settings to start me off is a big help. But Things i am concerned with the Audio Limited are the lack of scanners on the receivers I do know to check through my frequencies when i get to location but it might be a little tough if we are on quite a mobile shoot. So how do you think they perform if i was in a messy part of the frequency spectrum but stayed within 5 meters of the camera [would you wire a g3 return feed just in case or are they really reliable?]

Jim: Thank you very much for your added knowledge! 

Patrick: Yeah i couldnt find anything on the Audio Limited website about how the line level operated but i might have not been looking hard enough so thank you for that info i might do some line testing as i didnt think it even did that. 

You have all been really helpful and i will do some more tests before i bring it out in the field! You guys are awesome thanks again for your time! 

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Mike: Absolutely! One of the reasons I love my job so very much! I am almost always been challenged with new locations and new ways to capture audio. I am almost always learning and when the learning starts to slow down i will hope to be teaching


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I have used an Audio Ltd. 2000 system with headphones for years. It's the best sounding which makes a huge difference as a boom op. Downside is using a tweaker to adjust the volume. Your 2020 system will have better range but the unit is larger and more cumbersome on a belt.

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Howdy Sorry for the slow reply! Rainier i might be interested in selling but they are still very awesome wireless and since we live close we should totally grab a beer! and Traut Audio Limited sound great and are really robust but the market for them are not very big here so it means slow repair times higher costs and fewer options [like every plug i get needs to be custom made and can take a few days but with lectros they are almost always in stock]. Plus i am not a fan of the lack of a on board scanner and using the little remote. but i still use them and they have a tonne of range especially considering the lack of a scanner! I would almost say that at 50mw they can beat lectros at about the same!

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