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48v power schematics for wireless use

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a cheap/diy solution to power 2 neumann KM184 out of 9v batteries.

The goal is to ste up a wireless ORTF couple. The couple is going to remain on stand, so I don't need a compact/superclean box, but I need a sound quality comparable to this : http://www.areitec.fr/areitec-pico48-phantom-power-adaptor-zaxcom-wireless-produit-395.html even though I can't afford an audio transformer.

I have 2 lectrosonics Smqv transmitters to feed but according to Lectrosonics datas I can't draw sufficient current from it.

I recently used one of those gadgets http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/840641-REG/IK_Multimedia_IP_IRIG_PRE_IN_iRig_Pre_Microphone_Interface.html , sounded like ok

I guess I could solder a TA5 plug instead of the 3,5mm jack. Someone ever tried ?

For a complete diy solution, my first google prospections lead to that kind of things : http://www.geofex.com/circuits/+9_to_33.htm

But I lack the advice of professional ears !

thanks in advance,



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Bon jour, hi, and welcome...

in spite of having name brand equipment, you seem to be lacking in some basic audio knowledge, shopping at BH is another clue, though perhaps it is a translation issue.

Lectrosonics SMVQ transmitters cannot power Neumann KM microphones, or any microphones requiring industry standard microphone Phantom power.

Jay Rose has some excellent books at www.dplay.com....

or you may search the internet: <I gave you a clue!>

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