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Alternative to BWF Timecoder

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For some years I've used the BWF Timecoder mac application by One-N Corp to create audio timecode tracks in ProTools to use in on-set playback. It was much easier than the various hardware methods of creating a recorded timecode track to match session timecode. This audio file could be re-imported into the session for easy play-out to a slate without needing Sync hardware on set.


Unfortunately this software hasn't been updated for quite a while and won't even install on Mac's running Mountain Lion or Mavericks. Is anyone here aware of something current for mac, that does the same job? 

cheers, nick

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A suggestion which you might have already explored, is to create an external boot disk (even on a flash drive) for say Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (if that's the last version BWF Timecoder was happy with, think you'll need a Snow leopard DVD).

A bit cumbersome but once done would be fairly straightforward to use.

Here's some info.


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I do it all in Pro Tools, using a pre-prepared timecoded file. I also use that to prep the 4 beats of count off and to verify the timecode is exactly right when relayed wirelessly to a slate. To verify the timecode, I either use Courtney Goodin's BWF-Widget Pro or I use Sound Devices' Wave Agent.

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Why not just create a Pro Tools template for each frame rate and have the timecode track pre-synced?


That is exactly what I do. To the o.p.: this subject has been discussed many times on this site, including this link:



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I'm sure there are many ways to do this. I found the workflow involving the software that was the subject of this thread worked for me, as I'm working with 3-hour recordings of musical theatre shows recorded with TOD timecode with random bits being selected for shoot-to-playback. As it was (until today) power-pc only it gradually stopped working on my various macs. Now it's been updated - problem solved. Thanks for the suggestions.

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