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Black Magic Smartview Duo


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I was using them and liked them, but the connectors are all soldered directly onto the circuit board, so you have to be very careful. One of mine went out and I kept it racked the whole time.

After working with their cameras, and my experience with their monitors, I've begin to lose faith in their company.

Marshall makes a dual rack monitor that'll accept more than just sdi for the same initial price as the black magic monitors used to be. I'd go with that if I were you.

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I love the Blackmacic Duo. They are 8" rather than 7" and at a push you can use one of the screens to display an HD quad feed and it has great clarity. I have just installed the marshall M-Lynx-702 as on my current job I have to display a composite feed. I have yet to try them with HD but I would be surprised if they were not good. The Marshalls do have the advantage of picture adjustment without using a laptop but I have never found this a problem using the Duos. Verdict: if I were HD only, I would go with the Blackmagic Duos. As I occasionally see composite from film cameras, the Marshall is a good option. 



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Almost everything I have done in the last four years has been HD, and the BM Duo's rock.  1920 x 1200.  As much as I like the Marshall products (I have a V-MD171 modular on my cart), the Lynx 702 is only 1024 x 600. Use pigtails and barrels to keep strain off of the units...

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