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[Another] New iOS app...TV Timecard

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Copy that. So it sounds like if I added an option in the general settings to use 30min (or whichever chosen duration) as the off the clock lunch time, no matter what time is actually entered, that would provide the accurate in/out time and also provide the accurate "total hours" right? It would override the default settings when activated.

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I think so. In a way, that's how our time cards get manually filled out sometimes to avoid the confusion. We'll put lunch in and out times that matter for meal penalties and also write in the next column "half hour lunch" or "1 hour lunch". The column we take over is actually the 2nd meal column because we never actually break for a 2nd meal, we just start accruing penalties.

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I did contemplate a Grace option, but decided against it. If Grace is called for me, I was always instructed to fill out the intended lunch in/out since there is no column or anything for that. But the MP option is manual so it's easy to enable or disable. Although you can't add multiple MPs, just one for lunch and one for dinner. Maybe the "Notes" area would be a good place for some of this info. I'll work on adding an override option for the times, though.

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I'm happy to say that we finally have released the Android version of TV Timecard. Sorry for the delay, but it's finally here and it's in tip top shape. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to reach out to me anytime. Google Play store link here. Reviews are always appreciated.

We have a couple ideas still to come for both platforms, but this was at the top of our priority list. Thanks y'all!


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In addition to the Android version being released earlier this week, there is now a major update in the iOS version as well. Some of the additions are listed here. If y'all ever have any questions about anything, feel free to ask away! Other requests, additions and feedback are always welcome.

+ Added widget support (pull down from top) for quick access to log and view your times from anywhere on your device
+ 3D Touch integration
+ Added ability to create and assign your times to a project. Makes it easy to double dip!
+ Option to use your show logo (or your own) when sharing or printing a PDF
+ Shortcut to log lunch start as current time
+ Added multiple fields to your user name (SSN, EIN, Loan Out, etc.)

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