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camera on 50 fps, audio 25?

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Correct. SMPTE has yet to finalize any timecode standards over 30fps at the moment. There's a committee that's going to do some kind of whacked-out "granular" timecode standard that will work all the way up to 120fps, but it'll require a radical change in hardware and software in order to make it work. This is not a trivial change.

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The best thing to do, if running dialogue, is to get them to do a slate clap, like in the old times. That way if they decide to ramp back to 25 the clip, or a bit of it, they can sync the audio back with the clap.

Also, be aware that if they go suddenly back to 25, the camera will be out of sync, so re-jam. You might know this but just in case.

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