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Sound Guy Starts a Film Gear Classifieds site


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HI Guys, Im an ENG sound guy since 1992, not as easy to run around anymore, like i used to, so I just started a used film gear site for you to buy, sell or trade all types of Film and Video gear. 


I just launched it this week and wanted to let you all know its there. Its already getting lots of eyeballs but we need more people to list their items, its free to list for 10 days and you can keep relisting it for free every 10 days.  


Again, thought you all should know and hopefully as a fellow sound man you will give it a chance and let me know your thoughts.  I actually just found this site and it has great forums, i look forward to discussing lots of topics.


Please take a look  http://www.filmgearclassifieds.com





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AS: " Not sure where all these young filmmakers get all their money. "

Daddy, and/or Daddy's trust fund.


I bet on NBA games from 2010-2011 on the assumption it was rigged and made 3000K.  Started with $70.  I wouldn't do that anymore, although if Kobe is back at 100%, my gears might start turning… but that helped me round out some edges in my kit at that time. 


(I'm just back here to say I can be available/healthy enough for a-2 work in the sacramento region and over to South/North Tahoe) 

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I bet on NBA games from 2010-2011 on the assumption it was rigged and made 3000K.  Started with $70.  


Matt: " and made 3000K. "

dollars ?

that is 3,000,000  aka $3 million... what are you doing here ??


Three thousand kopeks. I remember that to be about six times the black market rate in 1990 before Yeltsin's democratic paradise, but ... six times ... not bad ... well done anyway!


jez (Russian for hedgehog)

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