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Rycote Cyclone


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Whatever it is, I doubt will impress me. Rycote are "INSERT OLEG'S RANT HERE"...

But seriously when you have a monopoly you dont care about smart design...

I would not be surprised if it is worst the WS...

And yet thousands upon thousands of us use Rycote gear on a daily basis with great satisfaction.

NOTE: Rycote does not have a monopoly, just a high market share due to the success of their products.

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Rado: You can buy a cinela, a rode, a K-tek and a rycote windshield. All very different in prices and quality. Hardly a monopoly.

...and there's no "best" tool, there's only the best tool for each person doing a given job under particular circumstances at a specific price at a certain point in time.

I.O.W., it depends -- YMMV -- it's influenced by what someone likes -- it varies by how each person chooses to work -- factoring in how much you need to spend -- all the while with the understanding that they're only tools and not a religion.

Viva la choices!

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I think Oleg had a point in this particular case about Rycote buying out Lightwave and stopping zeppelin production...

Well a slightly more accurate rendition of that would be...


 When the owner of Lightwave died, and left a financially crippled company, Rycote rescued what was left of it and made an attempt at continuing to produce products in the US. It proved to be uneconomic and eventually the enterprise had to be wound up.


Puts a slight different spin on the matter...;}


Chris Woolf

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I have found Rycote to be helpful as a company, as well as supplying what I consider to be a GREAT product line.

I have used the competition, at either end of the market, and have found no improvement by using more a expensive system, yet have found similarly priced and cheaper systems to be inferior.

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