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OMF / Importing Location Audio


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Cross post from DUC - 
Hi All - 

Hoping some of the helpful folks here can help me wrap my head around an issue I'm up against. 

The Breakdown: 


Working on a doc that has some unique qualities. 28 tracks of music (live performance) were recorded live - I fed a mono mix to the main camera during the shoot, I also received a mono mix of the Dx mixers tracks during the performance. 


I was given an OMF from FCP 7 that has a stereo music guide track, with each "song" clip having been re-named by the editor (sequential numbers at the end of the file name - editor was also provided a stereo mix down of all 30 tracks to use to edit to - appears everything was cut and renamed during the edit). There is also some Dx from the live recording, but many VO have been added in additionally (along with some other music stuff). 

The Question: 

Is there any hope to use the field recorder workflow to get the 30 tracks of Mx or the 8 Dx tracks from the field recorder into this project from the OMF? The last few times I've used the field recorder workflow, I've ended up pulling in 100+ tracks for each "clip" in the timeline and have to go through manually and delete based off clip scene/take name. And unfortunately this isn't even an option in this case, as no meaningful metadata exists - everything has been renamed. So far I have been unsuccessful using the field recorder workflow to get this to work. 

Happy to provide more details as needed - hoping someone has some good news for me other than manually spotting all of my individual music and Dx tracks to the OMF. 

Many thanks for your time in reading this.

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This thread explains the workflow required for syncing original field recorder files with a FCP edit: http://duc.avid.com/showthread.php?t=261045


I've always manually synced the original polyphonic files in PT. It takes some time, but trying to get pictures editors to understand the necessary workflow is next to impossible.


Mark O.

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Thanks to all for the helpful posts. I did indeed confirm that FCP removed the original timecode metadata. I got a new OMF but ran into more issues. I'm currently in the process of getting a third OMF with extremely long handles to manually sync my recorded audio to the edits using one of the tracks from the OMF as a edit-cut-track of sorts for my audio. Painstaking but unfortunately the only option other than using on-camera audio instead of 28 channels of surround recorded music… 


Many thanks to everyone for your help! 

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