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Audio-Technica System 10

Patrick Southern

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While I realize that this product really isn't "for us", I wonder if anyone has encountered one of these relatively new Audio-Technica System 10 wireless systems, which appeared in June: 




I don't believe I've seen a prosumer wireless system in the 2.4ghz range before.  Presumably, AT is trying to target the DSLR crowd the only wants to run a single lav.  

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I know this is older but just in case someone revisits this topic, then this seems to be a pretty good test of just how the system my perform in a real world test. Seems pretty good for the cost of it, and the sound quality it seems to have well for DSLR use seems like an option.

This shows an interference and soundq test inside and outside, however this vid I feel suffers from YouTube audio compression. The second test from BH is a higher quality encode so is prob a better comparison of the actual sound quality that can be expected.



Has anyone compared the System 10 to the Rode Link?

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