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More "Basic Package" or "Standard Kit" - Ontario, Canada?


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Hi All,


I was following the "basic package" -  "standard kit" thread from a week or two ago, but didn't see any  posts regarding what constitutes a "basic bag kit" and appropriate rates for such in Ontario, Canada and whether it's the basically same as U.S., Aus, U.K.


How do ENG, Doc and corporate gigs in Canada compare regarding outlining a basic kit/gear package?


Thanks for any discussion...very kind :-)





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I don't have a standard kit. It will vary from client to client. 

Sometimes the "kit" may include two wirless but sometime all wireless are a la carte. Sometimes a recorder is included in the kit price and sometimes it is not. 

The short answer is all gear gets billed for but sometimes that price is lumped into the "basic kit" price. 

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Thanks for responding Jack.


Would this be considered a "basic or standard" kit in Canada (or elsewhere) ?


Sound Devices 633, SD 302 and 2 track backup recorder,  boom mic(s), 2 wireless lavs, camera hop


Thanks again.


All the best,



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Rental houses in Germany usually label something along these lines as a "basic ENG kit".

3 or 4 channel mixer (SQN, 302, 442, ...)

ENG length boom

416 or similar, including softie or zep

2 channels of wireless, often G3 with TRAM or MKE-2 lavs

1 set of cans

breakout cable


Extras billed for would be: more mics, more lavs, wireless hop, and so on.

Some throw in a H4n recorder for those DSLR corporate image shoots.

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