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Wireless in Taiwan

Kyle Martyn Clark

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Hi guys, 


I'm a long time viewer of the site but haven't posted anything until now. Most of the time any questions I have can be answered by a scan through this site but I want to make sure i'm on the right track with this!


I may be doing some work in Taiwan come November and i'm looking at frequencies over there. I have only previously worked in Europe. So far I have only found this - http://www.ncc.gov.tw/english/files/07060/92_070605_1.pdf


Am I right in thinking I can use some frequencies of Channel 69 radio mics over there? All my equipment is currently CH38. It also seems I am limited to very low power transmitters- does anyone have any experience with this?


Apologies if the question seems basic- i'm just doing my research in plenty of time and would like a few other opinions. Any other travel advice related to Taiwan would be greatly appreciated (i'm based in Manchester, UK).


Lastly, thanks for the site Jeff- I don't know how long it would have taken me to learn what I have without this site!



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I've been on shoots there several times. Trust me when I say this: they don't care. The only country I've been in that is looser is Argentina. I have never ordered the  "Selected Rectum" at a restaurant,  but it appears to be quite popular with the locals, as is boiled chicken feet. Go to the night markets, they are pretty rad. If you can, get to the east coast. Just gorgeous!


If you need a local camera/grip in Paipai/Taichung, let me know. I have a great dude who speaks perfect English and really knows the ins and outs of the film biz there. Your production company will love him. PM me if you're interested and I'll fire it to ya.


That is my opinion. I hope it was helpful.

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Don't know if this would help,actualy, but I've been on shoots in Thailand recently and searched for Asian RF standarts. Don't know about Taiwan exactly but most of asian countries OK with Lectro Block 29 and Sennheiser Cw and Dw 722-865. But upper you go - worst the RF. So 740-790Mhz should work fine

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