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Boom problems

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WD40 is fine to clean something or to "unlock" threads, but it must then be removed completely or it'll attract dirt making your problem even worse.


In terms of your pole... Things wear out.  Perhaps it's time for new parts.  It seems you are in Israel, which might make sending it for repairs difficult.  After 10 years, maybe a new pole is in order.

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I've tried all sorts of stuff on my collection of old booms, my fave is "Break Free", a gun lube and clean liquid.  But I have discovered that wear on parts can only be slightly helped by cleaning and lubing after a certain point.  New parts or a new boom, or a used boom with less wear than yours might be needed.



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Boom poles are not like hammers were no maintenance is required.  If you want your pole to last you MUST service it regularly. That means before you start experiencing problems. You wash your dick don't you? Then clean and lube your pole. The two aren't that different.

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Thank you all for the tips,

This is what I did ..

Took it apart. Washed it with warm water, dried, and greased the screws, it helped but nothing like a new boom pole.

Btw it is a ktek pole


If you want it to behave like a new boom pole, send it to K-Tek to refurbish.  I just got mine back.  The clutches weren't holding well so I finally sent it in.  It arrived back today and it's awesome!  It'll make you wonder why you didn't send it before now.


K-Tek cares about their customers and will take good care of you.  Thank you, Dave, and thank you K-Tek.  I'm delighted to say that the spirit of Manfred lives on!

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