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ARRI Rental proudly introduces the ALEXA 65 system, available exclusively through its global network of rental facilities. Offering a complete large-format solution for high-end theatrical motion pictures, the system comprises a 65 mm digital cinema camera, custom-designed prime and zoom lenses, and fast, efficient workflow tools. The ALEXA 65 camera is a scaled-up version of an ALEXA XT, able to capture an uncompressed ARRIRAW 65 mm image of staggering intensity and definition.



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The Red people are giggling about it, but I think this will be a big problem in the "who's got the most K" contest. I also think Arri is very smart in just making this a rental item -- no doubt a 65mm-format camera (and lenses) will be much too costly for many filmmakers to buy. 


Arri has announced the whole package -- almost a dozen lenses, accessories, the whole thing -- so they've really thought this thing out very well. The file sizes for this thing are enormous: over 2TB per hour, which is going to give D.I.T.'s heart failure...





I'd be very curious to see if "digital intolerant" filmmakers like Chris Nolan, Wally Pfister, Steven Spielberg, and Quentin Tarantino are willing to give 65mm digital a try. From a sound point of view, I'm concerned that the thing now has two fans instead of just one. But they're pushing a ton of data through that pipe. It's also going to be a nightmare to deal with from a post point of view, at least in terms of finishing the movie. You could potentially be looking at many petabytes of storage just to hold the finished reels for delivery.

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The important thing about the fans (from FAQ):


The higher performance A3X sensor and higher bandwidth signal processing of the ALEXA 65 requires a little more cooling at the front end, compared to a regular ALEXA XT. These additional fans run very quietly and are modeled on the standard ALEXA fan system; therefore they have no contact with any of the cameras internal electronics.
In addition, the same sensor temperature control method is used on ALEXA 65 as with any member of the ALEXA family. The sensor is actively maintained at a constant temperature to ensure accurate and trusted image performance under all environmental conditions.

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