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Soundbag Dashboards

Simon Paine

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It's easier with the slot mount receivers since they already have four screw holes. with 411's and other such the form factor does not allow this. the unit will have to get affixed within the frame by physical pressure to lock it in.


411's have a face plate held in place by 4 small metric screws. The dashboard unit could potentially replace the basel and be affixed with the screws? Although perhaps may need to source longer ones. How lucky we are that Simon endeavors to figure it out for us and make It happen. .

Great work Simon. How rewarding it will be to see your handiwork on sound bags around the world!

Jeff, soon we might need a special section for posting independent sound man designed and fabricated products. There are some real good ones out there! And more to come I think. Fun thing to celebrate. Bravo to the creative problem solvers out there that make like Anthony Robins says and actually do it.

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"Jeff, soon we might need a special section for posting independent sound man designed and fabricated products. There are some real good ones out there!"


I have been thinking the same thing! It would, of course, be another section that requires quite a lot of attention (from me) to avoid the rolling gray area that already affects the Want To Buy - Want To Sell and the Manufacturers and Dealers section, and the paid advertising banners we have on the site. 

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While I have no objection to a special section, I don't think it's necessary, and it would only add to Jeff's workload.

If someone is discussing a potential fabrication, it would still be appropriate in existing discussion topics. When a new product is released, it would go into Manufacturers and Dealers.

If M&D were overloaded with release announcements, then a separate section might be called for, but it isn't. The manufacturers that cater to our industry are of all sizes, with many of them being fairly small operations.

For me, new headphones from Sony, a new wireless system from Lectrosonics, a clever widget from Ambient, a nicely-designed Zaxcom clip from Kelsey, and Simon's Dashboard, all seem appropriate -- and are welcomed -- in that space.

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Why wouldn't just fall under manufacturers and dealers section - isn't the sound person who designed and fabricated the product essentially a manufacturer / dealer? 


In my humble opinion - these people are not the same as manufacturers and dealers. 


they have by their innovative thought and with limited resources achieved what manufacturers and dealers have not. Or, putting it another way, they are etching out ways to do things which is not in the purview of manufacturers. they are spending time and effort to make things that manufacturers make - better or more ergonomic, or more functional at times. 


In my opinion, this deserves a separate space and thereby the due recognition of the DIY and innovative spirit exuded by these extraordinary individuals. 



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That's kind of what I meant about a section for those of "us" that are making bits and do dads out of the basement or garage for the rest of "us".

I don't know the difficulty of maintaining sections within a site. I just figured a section that only had posts by the maker. No comments. Just the inventions available for sale and contact info. An organized way to find these cool bits of kit. Also, it might be an encouragement for the rest of "us" that have an idea, to fabricate it and get it up on the JWS section. Kinda like getting a boy scout badge.

AUTO CORRECT typo fixed

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What many people may not realize is that a number of the companies producing items for our industry are not large, multinational conglomerates, but small businesses, many of which started out making small production runs of items based out of their garages, basements, etc., and some are only an employee or two beyond that.  They have much in common with the emerging entrepreneurs under discussion and they all fit nicely under the current M&D.


Looking at it another way, how would you draw the distinction?  If an emerging company has two employees, are they suddenly a large manufacturer?  What if you hire your nephew to help you, are you then in that category also?  Quite frankly, I don't understand why a separate heading is needed.  A good product is of interest, no matter who makes it.


Jeff has plenty to do without us assigning him more tasks.


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