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Soundbag Dashboards

Simon Paine

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General consensus, as I see it (taking the lead from John Blankenship's always thoughtful post) is that we're good with the sections that we have. DYI for starters and then on to Manufacturers & Dealers (large and small, even just one person) to announce a shipping PRODUCT once there is one. Following that, discussions of that product can take place anywhere that seems to make sense, keeping in mind that if posts are all over the place but relate to the same item, it gets a little fragmented. What is not desirable, once there is a shipping product (whether it comes from one person working in their garage or a large company with manufacturing facilities in China), the Manufacturers & Dealers section should not be used for full scale advertising, promotions, special discounts offered, and so forth. A simple link to your own site (individual or company) is fine --- there you are free, of course, to advertise, promote and sell by whatever means you want.


NOW back to our regular discussion of the Soundbag Dashboards.

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JW: " should not be used for full scale advertising, promotions, special discounts offered, "

like introductory pricing..?

I'd be in favor of an announcement, or a link to occasional, and particularly special, jwsoundgroup discounts, limited by our host's good sense, and desire to move such promotions to paid banner ads...

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No apology necessary, fieldmixer, it's the nature of discussion to not have everything be right on point. You should have no regret expressing an idea you had for JWSOUND, many of the ideas that have been put forth before by several members have contributed to change and growth for the site. It's all good (until, of course, it isn't!).

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For the record, I now completely regret mentioning, what I thought at the time was a pretty innocent potentially fun little idea to showcase owner operator ideas/products, doesn't take much to derail a thread here apparently. Tough crowd indeed. Sorry Simon. Great work.

You should not regret your input, nor should you take dissenting opinions (such as mine) as any kind of personal attack.

My comments in large part were in response to the litany of suggested forum changes I've seen offered over the years, and the number of times my inner voice has screamed, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!".

You gotta admit, Jeff has shepherded one of the most stellar destinations on the internet. Many of us have a strong resistance to it being tinkered with -- sometimes even when Jeff does it <G>.

If any of my comments came across as too strident, or a personal put-down, I apologize. The sum total of everyone's contributions is a large part of the value of this forum.

...and I agree, kudos to Simon for his innovative product.

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Thank you Dominique.


I've had a few requests for cable sets to go with the Dashboards. Unfortunately I'm not a very good solderer, so it's not really in my plans to try and do that. Besides, there are already so many combinations possible with just the dashboard designs, adding the different possible cable combos would put it over the top ! I'll leave cable making to the pros !


Vasileios, I haven't tried to make an Audio Ltd version. I don't know anyone who uses them and I haven't had any requests for it. 

However, I've had lots of requests for Wisycom compatible versions so I'm working on a Wisy version right away. Should be out in a few weeks.

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Hi Jeremy,


Yes I have a design made for 411's to be mounted to the 664. Just waiting for the "one off" to be made so I can do a thorough test fit. Shouldn't be too much longer.


Also, I am incorporating some new DC distribution options. 


Originally the Soundbag Dashboard only housed the Remote Audio Rm. But the next release of models will feature compatibility with the Battery Bud and with the Audio Root products.


The popular 633B model is currently sold out, but I should be getting more soon.


That, and a few other designs are on the way.


Hopefully they should all be ready before Christmas.


I'll be sure to update here when the new units are ready.


Just want to add a big thank you to all those who have ordered Soundbag Dashboards and those who have contacted me with some great ideas for improving the product. Being a full-time sound guy, being on the road, makes it hard to devote as much time to this project as I would like. But I appreciate your patience if I don't get back to people in a timely manner or ship out orders as fast as I would like.

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I have just fitted my new Orca 32 with 664, and 411's, and audiorootBG-DU.

I will jump in for a dashboard for this setup as soon as it is available!

What configuration(s) are you envisioning for this combination?

I generally have 4 x 411's.



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Hi Phil,


Having 5 slots for 411's and a sixth space for the BG-DU seems to be the most logical combination. 


1: it makes sense (6 channel mixer would have 5 RX's and 1 boom most of the time)


2: it lays out nicely having 3 - 411's lined up at the top. Another 2 - 411's and the BG-DU on the second row (closer to the mixer)


I will probably also have a model that just houses 6 - 411 receivers, without a power distro option.


(but don't hold me to it ! LOL. Nothing is set in stone yet)

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Hi Matt,


I'm currently sold out of the 633B. It's been my most popular model. We have more on the way, but i've been delayed due to a redesign of all the current dashboards to be able to hold both the SR and Wisycom receivers.

Any movememt on a Nomad dashboard? Of course it will have to be silver or blue to match the zaxcom gear : )

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just a little update.


New designs are on the way. We've had a few setbacks, but it looks like things are finally moving forward with the new Dashboards.


In the meantime I've done a test batch of current model Dashboards in a blue Anodized finish. They look great, especially if you are using a K-Tek or Orca bag. Matches with the interior really nicely. I will try and post some pictures soon. I will update the website with available quantities, but this was just a "test" batch to see what the colour looked like so I don't have a lot of them. But I'm so happy with the result that moving forward all Dashboards will be available with a blue anodized finish or the original black.


Also, due to popular demand, I am now shipping all Dashboards with the retainning screws included to hold down the Lectro SR receivers. The Wisycoms come from the manufacturer with the screws, but the Lectros do not. If you have already bought a Dashboard from me and would like to purchase some of the screws, PM me here, or send me an email info@soundbagdashboards.com


I will try and make sure to update here with further news for Soundbag Dashboards, but you can also follow us on Facebook at the Soundbag Dashboard page:  https://www.facebook.com/soundbagdashboards


It's been a slow process recently to get the newest Dashboards out. Remind me never to complain about a manufacturer not sticking to there original timeline when releasing a product !lol. But hopefully it will be worth the wait !

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