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FS: Zaxcom TRX900 Stereo Camera Hop


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Selling a lightly used TRX900 transmitter and receiver pair that I used for about a year as a camera hop. It is block 24. Every cable you could need is included, as is the original blue zipper bag and a 4GB micro SD card.


Price is $3500 firm.


List of cables:
-(1) 5 Pin XLR to 5 Pin XLR (Receiver to Alexa audio)
-(2) 5 Pin XLR to Y Stereo XLR
-(1) 5 Pin XLR to Y Stereo 1/8" (Receiver to RED Epic/Scarlet)
-(1) Stereo Y XLR to TA5 (Transmitter input cable)
-(1) 10' Transmitter power and audio extension snake
-(1) 2 Pin Lemo Power
-(1) 3 Pin Fischer Power
-(1) P-tap Power


If interested, please email bmartel@mac.com

















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Impactav is my shop tech and myself. William J Martel Jr. 695 and CAS. I stop by from time to time, but wasn't aware that I'd be judged negatively for not being very chatty. Will move listing. Sorry to offend.

impact signed up a long time ago, but never stops by here, I guess except for commerce, and yes, that belongs in the buy-sell section, please.

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