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Sound of The Cup Song


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Since these young people are talented musicians but no professional audio recordists (and no professional steadycam operators!!), I find this recording amazing.


It seems to be no playback.


An uncommon, creative, but effective recording technique. Which mikes are used?


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This afternoon I met the lady who first worked out this routine with her friend. They were called Lulu & The Lampshades and are now known as Landshapes. We had an interesting discussion about recording bees.


You can see their original video here, although the YouTube sync is pretty terrible






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I'm catching small breaths that couldn't possibly be picked up with that mic placement. They also seem to not be making any "effort" while singing.

I vote for lip syncing (without singing along) in order to capture the cups cleanly with just the playback track. Then more playback mixed in later.

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