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New to the glory that is JW Sound


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Hello all,

I recently discovered this forum and am learning new techniques/knowledge each time I log on and read. 

I wanted to reach out and ask for any advice anyone can lend?

I'm based out of Austin, Texas and have primarily worked on shorts, several independent feature films, a couple of feature documentaries and am looking to take that next step up the metaphorical job pole that is the film industry. 

I'm a hard, disciplined worker who is always willing to learn new and innovative ways to capture the best audio possible. If anyone in the Austin/Central Texas area is in need of a boom operator or a sound assistant, I would greatly appreciate any and all who reach out to contact me. 



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WELCOME ZK : " several independent feature films, a couple of feature documentaries "

well, you are already doing features!  wow!

and there is an "available for work" section, on jwsoundgroup.net ...

and you could introduce yourself to us with your story in the "who I am..." thread.

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And glorious it is.  A word of caution: requests for specific advice (technical, interpersonal and otherwise) are usually answered and sometimes hotly debated at length.  Overly general questions or unspecific asks for career advice are usually ignored or ridiculed and then ignored.  In other words--do your homework before you jump into the mosh here, and BE SPECIFIC.



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Dude this place is THE BOMB! My advice as a newbie that i am, check always on google with the tag "jwsoundgroup.net" and then what you are looking for in the forum. The search on jw its kind of funky...the worst thing you can do is to post questions that already have been answered. If we all keep posting questions as we please, then its imposible to find the posts on google.

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