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Sony Execs living the very fat life


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from Time magazine on line



there is no mention here of bonuses and other sums they get which some say double the salary or more.

of course this article does not go into why the company looses money so that mass layoffs ( at 500 in LA alone) were implemented.

its just the nature of what capitalism has become.

if you write to the author Sam Frizell please let us know of further information. (noone has said this is a scandal because this is commonplace now)


Sony Executives’ Salaries Leaked in Devastating Hack

Michael Lynton, chief executive officer of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., gestures as he speaks during a news conference in Tokyo, Japan, on Nov. 18, 2014. Bloomberg/Getty Images

Thousands of social security numbers also made public

Documents containing Sony Pictures employees’ personal information were leaked late Monday in the wake of a massive online attack against the company.

The internal documents listed the names, titles and salaries of more than 6,000 Sony Pictures employees, including senior executives, Fusion reports. Included in the data were 3,803 employees’ social security numbers, including all the company’s top executives.

Seventeen executives make over $1 million per year, the documents reveal. Only one of them, co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment Amy Pascal, is a woman. The information was posted onto the anonymous uploading site Pastebin.

According to Fusion, Pascal and CEO Michael Lynton are paid $3 million per year.

Sony was hacked by a mysterious group on Nov. 24 by a group calling itself #GOP, for Guardians of Peace. The FBI said this week it’s investigating the attack, which some reports have linked to North Korea.



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