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Shock Mount for Neumann km100 series

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Hi everyone, was wandering if anyone has any suggestion for a good shock mount for Neumann km 100 series (single mic configuration). I've been checkin' Rycote INV-2 but doesn't look like it's the best to be mounted on a boom pole...and softie mounts seem to be too long to fit the mic properly with a foam screen on.





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Schoeps typically have a smaller diameter, so check first if your KM100 fits the Schoeps mount.


INV-7 is the one to go for when you buy Rycote.

Cinela mounts are said to decouple even better, but are more expensive as well - as I'm completely happy with the INV-7 I never tried a Cinela.

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Inv 7-MK3 : it is more universal, I can change my mics (CMIT, CMC-MK41 or 150) very quickly. Or Cinela: i have the CMIT model it also suits my CMC or MK150 with a little XLR barrel.

I am happy with both, but I always give my boom operator the Cinela...

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Thanks guys, 


I was afraid that length of the bar of INV-7 was a bit too long for a KM150 and that I would not be able to place the foam screen properly.


Would you say that INV-7 Mark III has any more advantages besides being able to switch mics more quickly?



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Cinella is the best in my opinion. I have owned lots of the rycote products and the cinella products outperform them in handling noise dampening as well as wind and rain noise is handled to the point of, dare I say it, perfection. I have all my main mic's mounted in cinella products and a spare Neumann 81 in a rycote. I brought out the Neumann for some testing I was doing and was shocked at all the self induced suspension noise.

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