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Hate mail for Sony F55

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Just what is the deal with the menus in the Sony F55?  Why do they make time slow to a crawl when accessing them?  What is the point of a wheel-driven menu system that is so latent that you overshoot the line you want EVERY time?   Why when you are trying to trim audio sensitivity does it show you some arbitrary scale only, and not the actual camera audio input levels as well?   I really dislike having to get way into menus to set audio levels in and out.  I could live with the menu thing if I didn't always feel history passing me by as I SLOWLY cycle through the menus to do what I need to do...



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We've been doing a verite doc--no time for anything, if I don't get the levels and tc crap set then they don't get set.  Normally I'd let the AC do it, but he's too busy dealing w/ all the DP gak in the seconds we had today to get the cameras up before the shit we were supposed to be shooting started to hit the fan.  What's weird is that in that series of Sony cameras, the higher the rez the slower the menus etc seem to be--ie the F5 is way easier this way than the F55, or it has been for me.   



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I totally hear what you're saying about the slow menus, very frustrating. There is the AUD/TC button to the left of the LCD that gives you quick access to the input levels. This button didn't work on the earlier firmware versions but has been ok in recent versions. 


I have had quite a few instances where the camera has not picked up the EXT TC again, after having been in slow mo, and has needed to be restarted. That's my biggest gripe. 

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I worked with the F55 for much of last year.

Compounding the problem was a producer who initially insisted

that I swap hops when we moved from kitchen VTR to B-roll: A cam switched to B-roll

and B-cam switched to OTFs with restaurant patrons.

I luckily had a cam team who were lovingly supportive, backed up what a hassle

it was to reset everything ( onboard mic for AMB vs. a stereo hop), and forewent

their cam op settings, allowing for cam to just swap cameras.

Go team !



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