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Deva 32

Jeff Wexler

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is it too early to begin redesigning it..?

silly me, here on jwsoundgroup.net it is never too early, or too late, to redesign gear....


OK, I'll start play:  32 isn't enough!!


and over in another thread we can complain that there is not enough information being given out...

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I think Zaxcom has taken seriously our recommendations / thoughts in XZ ways (here, via email, via face to face contact etc). Whatever is going to be the new Deva; will serve our industry with enough features.


For God's sake do not focusing about how many inputs will be. Will be enough.

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Who told you that you couldn't discuss the RX-12? I don't think it really taxes our multi-tasking skills to talk about a few things at the same time.


Sorry Jeff, I was just kidding :) Maybe my english didn't serve me well this time.

Just trying to say that we haven't the time to be excited with an upcoming piece of gear that an other one is coming out so soon.

I'm very happy with that, since I'm a Zaxcom user, and I'll be in both discussions of course.

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The Audinate Brooklyn chipset inherently supports 32x32 I/O @ 96KHz, so would seem foolish to not just simply support that pipeline if it is Dante based.  What would be foolish is to build build it with 32 expensive preamps and price it out of many people's reach, since the "target market" is production sound people, who generally can get by with much less.

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Sound Devices 970 does 64 tracks, is that true? I think there has always been a bit of competitiveness going on "my recorder has more tracks than your recorder" and I agree with you that there are very few situations where any of us doing the sorts of jobs we do will need 32 tracks.


I'm still in shock that there are so many jobs now that pretty much require the full use of all 8 tracks that most of the recorders have had up until now. In today's world where everyone seems to have fallen in love with everybody being wired, the isos have become even more important. My hope is that what we have seen on the biggest TV shows, 16 inputs and 16 tracks, will be the standard for those types of jobs, and having 32, 48, or 64 tracks available is just overkill. The only real significance, I believe, is that it is a bigger number --- and we all know that bigger is better, right?

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Sound’s more challenging days came when Jackson worked with the slave motion control system. It’s a complex setup that allows characters of different sizes to do a scene together at the same time. It was used when a character like Gandalf had to talk to the dwarves or Bilbo. What happens is two adjoining sets are constructed – a fully dressed set and the other a green screen. The master rig is outfitted with encoders that measure the pan, tilt, and motion of the camera dolly underneath. The data is then crunched through software and is instantly relayed to the slave rig on the green screen set, allowing Jackson to see the results of the scene instantly. In order to achieve realism in the scene, the actors had to work off dialogue cues by wearing earwigs, because they couldn’t see each other. “The whole thing was driven by sound. If we messed up or they couldn’t hear the cue to know where to move on set or what their eyeline was, it wouldn’t work…this did happen,” says Johnson.


So challenging projects or days like above; high track count is critical.


I would not go into the story "how many tracks", but Tom Visser said it well about mic preamps.


I think a good way of conversation will be to separate the feature film project, reality tv project, tv drama project and so on.


For an average european movie; I think 8 or 16 tracks is enough.

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"Spring 2015"

Any wagers?


LOTD. Couldn't help but chuckle.


Re: the 32 tracks, while yes, we don't use that many tracks day to day (nor am I encouraging it), there are specific situations where having the high track count is advantageous, and niches where it may even be necessary. In reality / competition shows is not uncommon to see at least 12 - 16 tracks going on at once. I worked on a show a few months ago where the typical track count was 18-20, and there was one day where we even went up to 37. We were a 6-person sound department. It was done with a Yamaha QL5 + Sound Device 970. I became a huge fan of Dante after that.


Live music recording could also see a great use of the high track count. I think that Zaxcom addressing such market(s) as well just opens up their product to be that more desirable to as many people as possible. Just my 2 cents.


EDIT: Highly agree with Tom Visser's last statement though. It certainly doesn't need 32 pre-amps.

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