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Oleg Kaizerman's great big buy and sell group


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Keep in mind that I always LIKED Oleg... seeing his sarcasm like Don Rickles (repeating myself from above)... There's no slander in my story above. That is simply what happened in my case. I stood up for Oleg many times that he never knew about... I defended him often. I never mentioned this story to anyone, but I have to say that after this past spring... not "giving him a chance"... but flat-out ASKING him to redeem himself with our "deal"... which he chose to break... including a few polite notes to say, "hey just reminding you (as you asked me to do)... will you look into that?"...


My dad died on the 14th of last month... you'll see I told my story on the 20th. When my dad died a switch flipped in my brain... my dad always told it like it was... and when appropriate, I will too. Since this thread is about Oleg overseeing buying and selling, I felt it was appropriate to share my own experience.


His extra "jab" note with a smile... after seeing my story here (which is TRUE, of course)... well... clearly, while I was a friend to him, he was never a friend to me. I'm glad others have had a different experience than I.

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Hey Matt, sorry about your fathers passing. Sadly I know that pain and loss. I hope you find comfort knowing that he lives on in you and others he loved.


As for Oleg, one mans poison is another mans high. When he was active here I thought he was a toxic element at best.

Don't sweat the BS in life, focus on the real and true pleasures all around us like family, friends, health, (both mental and physical) and the passing of time and the wisdom it brings. I'm sure the value of what you learned from your dealings with him are greater than any money lost. 


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Did anyone get stalked by Oleg?  I did..  He was doing some weird stuff, like reversing my IP address and trying to locate exactly where I was located while posting..  Believe me, it was a bit nerve racking..  When the community more or less moved over to FB, he tried for more than a year to friend request me... Nope.. nope, nope.. 



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