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'Kickboxer' movie production leaves town with New Orleans crew, vendors unpaid


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How are they allowed to proceed without the deposit or some proof of money?

For lack of a better term, there's a local non-Union crewing group / production company here that started requiring deposits for payroll at least week by week on indies. Work wouldn't start on a "Monday" if that deposit wasn't there.

The people that got screwed on the one here mostly took a settlement about a year later for 50% of the money initially owed. One friend refused the settlement and tried to use a lawyer. He said in the end he walked away with less than 50%, it took longer to get and was really stressful.

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I was on one movie, and when the money stopped coming, I turned in blank DVDs every day. Nobody was watching dailies, and no editor on staff. The dada wrangler said to me, "Do you know there's no audio on here?" - I told him I knew, and to keep it a secret because of the money situation. He did. When the money showed up, I replaced the DVDs with the "real" DVDs. Nobody ever found out.

It was an out of town shoot, so I couldn't stay home, and the movie was almost over. It seemed like a better choice to keep going, hoping the money would come, rather than to stop working. Most of the crew stopped working and insisted cash be delivered to set before they'd continue. But they didn't have the same leverage I had.

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