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Redesigned FUZE Ti Timecode Slate!

George Tsai

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anyone try with Fuze Ti slate with Zaxcom ERX2TCD?

Success (use same TC cable):

Zaxcom Nomad 12 (TC in/out) (connect in one second).

No Success (use same TC cable):

Denecke GR-2 (sometimes jam 2 to 3 times until success, the hour digi fail, need connect in 7-10 second).  

Zaxcom ERX2TCD (fail)

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Great to hear Michael:-) I do have to note that it does not automatically detect the frame rate, if you're powering up the slate with a timecode signal already connected it will use and display the last frame rate setting before syncing. That is just as a reminder of the last used frame rate, the slate saves the last frame rate used in the internal flash memory. I tried to code for automatic frame rate detection but just could not get it to reliably differentiate between 23.98 and 24.00 or 29.97 and 30.00. 

Good to know. I was only switching from 23.97 to 29.97 and I remember it detecting  and jamming to whatever I set the master clock to. I'll have to play with it again when I get home. 

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I made a couple extra slates during the short production run and they are available on the site:-) Bundled http://fuzeti.com/compact-bundle-239.html or just the generator display by itself http://fuzeti.com/fdcpp.html :-) The enclosure and final assembly will take approximately two weeks from the time of order to ship:-)



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