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Rubber Bottom for K-Tek Avalon Graphite CCR Boom?

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Of all the differences between it and the Klassic series, it's really only this one feature I wish I had. Maybe I'm using wrong terminology or something, but my searches haven't turned up anything... short of cutting up a tennis/hand ball, anyone have any ideas of how I can get something like this onto my pole?

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I've owned a KEG-150CCR for 3-4 years now and really enjoy it. Bought it used but in real good condition off a camera guy for $300. When I needed a locking collar replaced, my local shop (Second City Sound, Chicago) gave me a K-152CCR as a loaner while it was out. After using the Klassic on a few jobs, I realized the only thing I liked better about it was the rubber bottom. To me it wasn't any lighter, I didn't find the dimpled collars to be much better than the cross-hatched ones, and I really didn't see myself taking advantage of the different modules. (Do any of you guys carry multiples and swap them out regularly?) Anyways, that's the reason I'm not looking to buy another pole.


I decided to look at other brands and came across these replacement bottoms for Ambient poles and I think the P35 model could fit. I'm gonna call Pro-Sound on Monday to see if any are in stock and if they could give me a better description (ie the internal diameter and depth, is it threaded, etc).



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