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Wisycom UPK Mini

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Wisy have just released a small version of their infra red unit for programming their radiomics and doing firmware updates.


I just got mine for £80. Work very well, but they are still writing some of the software to make it compatible with the MTP40/41.


Just thought I'd mention it as I know a lot of people have just bought WIsy.


I just did the MCR42 firmware upgrade and it's great - gives you proper audio metering and radio metering. The UPK also lets you programme your own frequency charts.


Have been using my new mic for the last week and have to say they sound very clean. Not a single dropout, no noise whatsoever, and now I've worked out how the scanning works I'm very happy with my purchase. I also love that the on off switch is on the top of the TX so talent can turn them on/off themselves, or you can tape them up if you want. Very happy!!

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