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Editing audio while retaining metadata

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What software are you using to edit audio files while retaining its scene/take/notes etc… metadata?
Logic is my standard for doing audio mixing and editing and I've been a user for about 10 years, but I'd like to do some audio cleanup on some location sound files and Logic strips that info.

I simply want to edit using the noise reduction, EQ, and compression plugins that I typically use, then export to a new file with the same metadata as the original file. Haven't needed it until now.


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Thanks, Resonate. I'll check that out.

Soundtrane: I had a simple Pro Tools system when I did more music but mostly used Logic due to familiarity. I sold it when I started doing more film work because typically when I need Pro Tools I just used a local studio anyway.

It's a future consideration if the need to edit location audio becomes more frequent, which might happen. For now it seems to be just the one client.


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Out of curiousiy, I took a BWF file, did some EQing, cut off the end room tone, preformed an RF hit like repair,  and replaced/overwite a few extrainious click noises, saved the flle as a <*.frg>  'SF Pro non-destutive project file', EQ'd some more and resaved again. I then rendered it to it's orginal WAVE format (24/48k). It retained the orignal BWF metadata.

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Reaper works with timecode ok import export but dumps tracknames etc.

Are we such a niche market that software writers can't be bothered to implement metadata fully? Surely of all the complex things software is capable of implementing metadata is fairly simple one might have hoped?

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