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Michael Lonsdale

Metacorder with Yosemite

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I installed Yosemite on my Metacorder system a week ago and have done 4 days work without any operational problems.


There is a GUI bug where word wrapped text such as "Overload Alert Tone" and "Circle Take" is improperly displayed. I have yet to report this to to Mark Gilbert.


My system is a 2012 Mac Mini Mini Server & Metric Halo 2882 with wordclock & TC from a 744T.


It's 10 years ago this month that I first started using Metacorder on a G4 PowerBook with a MOTU Traveller. 



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David, how do you send TC to 2882? do you use an empty audio input and metacorder decodes that?


I feed the timecode into the Mac Mini 3.5mm audio jack. Metacorder has an option to decode timecode from channel 1 of a Mac audio input. You don't have to aggregate the Mac audio hardware and the external interface. 


You can also use any analogue input on the 2882 or any other interface as the timecode source. 

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