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4 Pin hirose to 5v Usb cable


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I searched Google and found a topic way back 2011 about this in this forum. You can get the cable im looking for at Blue Cow Cables. But the problem is, i cant access their site anymore. Is there anyone or any other place where i can find the cable? i tried ebay, amazon, and bnh but no result.


Thank you

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Stuart Torrance at www.locationsoundcable.com can build you anything you want, he just built me a Hirose to USB lead, it's great. He ships worldwide too.

And he's much cheaper than Hawk Woods.


Thanks Jon, I'll email him now. :) Hawk-woods replied to my email, they pointed me to one of their dealers, kinda weird coz in their site it says that they sell directly.. 



www.bluecowcables.com works for me.


Yup it still works but when you press add to cart it goes to a different site.. Also no registration for a new account.

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