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ASF-1 hydrophone finally shipping - Watch the test videos


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Since 1st of March our ASF-1 hydrophone is finally shipping!


Right now we do our best to cope with all the backorders as soon as possible.
As underwater is the most demanding environment for gear, we thoroughly tested the ASF-1 all over Europe. Please enjoy our short videos, documenting some tests of the last months.
The videos show how we continuously increased the demands on the ASF-1.
So let's begin with the first test in the German Alps, more videos will follow:








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Our 2nd test was in Hals, Baltic Sea, Denmark where we tested the performance in salt water.

By sheer luck we captured the only incoming boat that day also on video. The hydrophone position was not ideal, as it was under the peer and melting snow was dripping all the time. Additionally the ASF-1 was placed in 8 m and only 50cm above ground. Therefore we lost some of the low frequencies of the boat.

Anyway, it was great fun testing and the result was more than just convincing.

What do you think?


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How will you look like when you discover a new world?

Our 3rd test was performed by the team of Nautilus film GmbH who shot a documentary in Norway in February.
Focus of the test was, of course, the real life performance of the ASF-1.
But take a look for yourself:



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