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Scott Selman

Rechargeable Batteries for TX

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A few points about the tubular style battery holders with the teeth that shred the outer casing of the battery.


The reason I use them, despite their destructive nature, is 'cause they are way more convenient to grab a single battery with one hand, while moving fast on a doc shoot- I can't use a battery case with a lid that holds 4 batteries- that's a recipe for 3 batteries on the ground and one in my hand... Also they are great for showing you which batteries are charged or not depending on which end is stuck in the case.


But they sure make a mess of the wimpy plastic sheath that rechargeable batteries are wrapped in... which can lead to dead shorting batteries in some (badly designed) metal lined battery compartments, or, more likely,  bits of plastic sheath covering the end terminal and interrupting current flow, or just bunching up and making it hard or bloody impossible to get the batteries out of the device they are in.


To deal with the problem of the jaggedy battery tube:


First, you can dremel or cut the "tooth" to be smoother and not as big or abrasive- be careful about cutting too much off, since it will let the battery fall out.

This lets you do the one handed battery change, although it is still possible to do damage to the battery over time, 'cause there is still some friction.


The other trick is to bend up the "tooth" (which is on a flexible tab) with a fingernail of the opposite hand that is grasping the battery while inserting or extracting it.

It's not too difficult, though it takes away the ability to do a one handed battery exchange.  This is the way I do it when changing batteries in a non hurried fashion at the beginning of the day or lunch...


These might be super obvious tricks to some of you all- but it took me a while to figure them out, and a lot of damaged battery casings, so I though I'd share,

especially since it's often the tiny things that can make a big difference...



Brent Calkin

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23 hours ago, Daniel Ignacio said:

Also RED ALERT, IKEA LADDA 2450 batteries are now available for purchase online. Surprised they haven’t wisened up and increased the price as well.

OHHHHHHHHHHH......... I guess that means folks like myself who live in a country without IKEA can now order them

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