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Apple Watch anyone?

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For those of you getting upset or whatever, watch the video. It's obviously a joke. It's humor for your enjoyment. You're welcome.

Anyone planning on getting one of these things? I'd check out this video before doing so. Seriously, watch it until the end to really get a grasp on the awesome technology that Apple is introducing into the tech realm.

Mind = Blown!

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This will be funny thread in a few years. It's one thing if it brings no value to you, but for the people that call it "a terrible failure" sound like the same initial reports about iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc. This watch sold more units in a few days than every other "smart wearable" combined, and it's a device that's relatively easy to develop for. With that many units in the wild, there's incentive to make apps run on it. That may be what brings the value to a lot of people. Time will tell. 

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i mean, simple start, stop pause transport controls for recorders would be useful on the wrist. I was sprinting all over the damn racetrack doing my porsche record for echo collective.  If you've got multiple recorders up and distributed throughout a set, that could be super handy.


maybe some sort of wireless xmitter display that shows freq, signal strength and battery power would be cool. 


how about a mic mounted camera that a boom op could glance up at and see a live feed from?


or for that matter how about a feed from the main cams?


what if you had a distributed metronome app keeping live performers on a "click" using the haptic taps?


how about cueing actors using haptic taps?  you could even just strap the watch around the ankle if you didn't want to see it in the shot.


how about cueing EVERYTHING using taps?  no more directors shouting "action!"


ok, now i'm getting nutty.  :)

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I can think of many cool apps for the Applewatch. But since the screen real estate is quite small, an additional, larger screen would be needed (like Nomad Touch). So, combining the Apple Watch with another device with say a 4 inch or so screen would result in a killer setup.

Wait a minute... There already is such a larger device?

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one feature of the Apple Watch is that it periodically checks your heart rate through the day. it presumes you are exercising when you're elevated above your averages, even if you don't put it in a specific activity mode (biking, rowing, running etc). I often wore a HRM when i was running (i used to do marathons), but never all day. With my Apple watch, i have gotten notifications that i hit my "30 minutes a day" of exercise when all I did was sit at a cart and mix. It doesn't know what I'm doing, but it reads higher than normal BPM. I had a feeling I was on a stressful job, but this confirmed it in ways i didn't expect. I've had the watch for a few months now, and this is the first time I really noticed that. 

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