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Working 788t Slate Mic Mod! YES!

Mark LeBlanc

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Greetings All,

A few months ago I put a bug in the ear of my friends Justin and Lukas at ProSound in New Orleans.. The idea was to repurpose one of the 2 headphone outputs on the 788t to be used as a Mic input that would replace the function of the onboard slate mic.. This addresses one of the long standing issues of having to give up input 8 to use an external slate mic... Today I'm am beyond happy to report "THEY HAVE DONE IT"!!


The modified 788t the Mini headphone jack as an Input.. We first tested it with a Sennheiser G2/G3 style connector and it worked! Sounded Great. I then connected a Phantom Powered mic up thru a Denecke Phantom Power supply.. Again Success.  Then "Coup De Grace", as shown below in the picture, we modified a Right Angle 1/8 inch connector  to house a dynamic Microphone element and that worked to beyond expectations.  On the cart or in the bag this little right angle Mic is PERFECT...

I know they are working on a cable that will allow the Remote Audio Heaphones with attached mic to work with this.. They are working on a cable to adapt this funky old cool Shure gooseneck mic for me to use..


This mod allows you to use the 788t to its fullest abilities. In my case my current show I can have Channels 1 and 2 for booms and 6 wonderful Venue channels going with out a half baked workaround switch or just putting up with the bad internal sound of the slate mic....


This mod works with the CL8 and CL9. You set the internal Menu to "Internal Slate Mic" and return Input 8 to it's rightful place as a talent Input!! 


Again, I can't thank Justin and Lukas enough for taking my idea and running with it.. I am over the moon happy with it.. Please email or call them down in the NOLA office of ProSound for details and pricing. If you own the 788t, this mod is a must!!



Tel: 504.309.7112
Toll Free: 855.309.7112





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Yes.. Please give them a call to schedule.. It doesn't take long but not something you would want to try at home.. I'm uploading a video to youtube showing it in use with the CL8.. When It stops raining I'll connect my CL9 up and post a demo of that too...


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As discussed on a similar thread on FB.. The 788t uses the output for Input 8 to digitally route the Com/Slate functions. What that means is, you get full use of all 8 inputs to record ISO tracks. When using the CL9 if during a take you toggle Com1 or Com2, input 8 will Mute and the ISO track goes silent as your signal from internal slate mic takes over. This happens even without the Mod but no one noticed because of how poorly the mic sounded, no one used it.. So, in my case I rarely talk to my guys during a take and the odds of me having to say something to them at the exact moment the person on input 8 speaks are low.. For CL8 users this is not an issue as you don't have Com function and you probably don't slate in the middle of a take...

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This is good news. I may look at doing it myself, mostly because I am foolish like that, but also because I am not in the states.

Though will have to look into what you are saying about the ISO tracsk and input 8 muting, even when using the internal mic, as I do sometimes have to speak to my boom op during a take - mostly to let them know if they are edgy or the framing has shifted unexpectedly. Though I do agree that the odds are quite low of using the comms whilst input 8 is needed.

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I am hoping that it is just a case of breaking the connection to the built in mic on the PCB, then running jumper cables to the minijack socket, after removing the connection for the headphones there.

Will find out in the next few days how right I am.

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Howdy all,

Last video, spent all day cleaning my cart and getting the 788t connected back in. The video demonstrates how the Mod allows you options to use whatever mic you want as an input now. It shows the little External Mic from yesterday along with using a Tram TR50 wired for Senn G2 and my original AKG gooseneck mic that is connected to a Denecke Phantom power supply connected to the input again via an old G2 to XLR connector. It also shows what happens to Track 8's input when you use the Com/Slate toggle which basically Mutes the input to that ISO to route the output of the slate mic. A minor inconvenience for me as having access to all 8 ISO channels all the time far outweighs the routing limitation.. If it's an issue I just repatch to my old method... 


Please forgive me I meant to say Input 8, not input 6...

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