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Interesting end to my day on set today

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Im currently working on a low budget film in VA. Its a Civil War era film and today we were filming a battle scene on a semi wooded, mostly cleared hillside.


We all heard a shot fired, not on set,  but close to it. I figured it was someone target shooting a little too close by. We are in a rural area and there are several houses near us.


I started rolling on a scene and a few seconds later I hear cut and people are running past me towards our base camp. I'm assuming someone got hurt but was puzzled as to why they were running away from the action.  I then heard someone say there is a guy with an assault rifle and we should all run.


We did!  Around 70 cast, crew and extras, ran down the hill and some hid in brush.


Turns out there was a drunk who lives adjacent to the set that was hanging out harassing people and he was told to leave. He said, "Well Ill go get my gun then!".  Went home and fires his rifle into the air. Some of the crew saw him do this and were afraid he was going to start coming after us.  911 was called and the police were there pretty fast. I could hear the police yelling for him to come out with his hands up.


They took him away and we are going back to the location tomorrow.


No one was hurt except for a couple people having panic attacks. Some period weapons were lost too when everyone dropped what they had and ran.


I hope tomorrow ends with less excitement.

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Like all of these kind of incidents the really story is a little different. It all happened exactly like I said but the guy actually fired a shotgun and had no intention to shoot anyone. They arent letting the guy back near us till we are finished here and we have police on set today.

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Active shooter scenarios can be best dealt with by offering copious amounts of suppressing return fire, followed by highly prejudiced apprehension.

My (unnamed relative) used to be a supervisor for a (unspecified municipal utility) crew. One day, while working in a high-crime area of (unidentified municipality), a drugged-out street denizen tried to hold up one of the workmen with a knife. As the relative reached under the seat of his/her truck for a gun, he/she noted that several other of his/her crew, unbeknownst to him/her. seemed to also be reaching for guns from their vehicles. The original crewman chased off the druggie without incident. As it turns out, every single person on the crew was carrying that day.

Im not entirely sure that makes us any safer in an active shooter scenario.

Run, hide, fight


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