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Good News Everyone,

A while back I was minding spacing out during a boring interview. There was no cell service and no WiFi so I was forced to use my imagination like a chump.

I had just wrapped up work on the SNL documentary "Live From New York" and I was thinking about how hard a time I had micing up all those interviews. We had a whole string of famous and busy people. Every moment I spent wiring talent was time spent not interviewing. With all eyes on me, I was often forced to do a pretty shitty job - Praise Be to the Boom!

Through the course of my mental meanderings I had a flash of insight. I am a big fan of hiding a b6 in knot of a tie - but I often had trouble getting the capsule through the knot quickly and without loosening the tie. How cool it would be if there was a way for the B6 to be a little more rigid and poseable near the capsule? Bam! - Shrink tube a piece of annealed wire near the capsule and you have your self a flexible mic arm that you can make go exactly where you want.

Chris over at Countryman made me a prototype and I have been testing it. And it is amazing. Aside from tie knots is works great micing up people in all sorts of situations. The flexible arm allows you to mic people faster with less tape and moleskin. You can also flex the capsule away from trouble spots quickly and easily by just bending the wire a little. And even with the annealed wire and shrink tube it is still a super small.

It is my hope to replace most of my B6's with this enhancement.

Thanks so much to Chris Countryman for being so cool 😎.

2015-06-16 09.12.31 copy.jpg

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