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Hogs Hair LifeSpan ?


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(No, not the name of my new power-trio....... )

I worked in a nice, new, modest-sized studio space here in Atlanta - the box, with a nice well-placed cyc, was behind multiple walls, and they spent some money ('cause that's what it takes!) putting a reasonable amount of sound insulation in various places.   It sounded rather nice.

However, 'tis the season of daily showers - usually brief, but often poorly timed.

So... we were shut down for 15-20 as the rain hit the flat roof.   During the hiatu$$ I was chatting with the new owner, and told him this is not uncommon in some of the rooms around here..... "BUT, if you want a competitive and marketable edge - lay a healthy cover of hogs hair on the roof.   And tell your clients it's there."

I only have short-term experience with the miracle carpet, and perhaps somebody here will have an answer to the question -

What is the life-expectancy of an investment in full-roof coverage of a flat roof with a couple of layers of hogs hair?

This roof has no trees around, thus branches / leaves not an issue.  It DOES have full exposure to the sun throughout the day, and all of the heat and UV that goes along with it.

(I will also cross-post on FB)

Thanks for any info / advice / experiences....




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In my somewhat limited experience (having hogs hair installed on the roofs of warehouses around thew world), it does not have longevity and looses its ability to help with the sound of rain over time, particularly if it rains a lot. If it rains only occasionally, I think it is fairly resilient with regards to the other elements, sunlight and temperature changes. 

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The stuff is designed to be used as pads in swap coolers.  In swap coolers, usually installed on roof tops, the pads need to be replaced every year or two. Replacing them after their useful date they start to crumble and turn to powder. A real mess. The pads in the coolers have limited time to direct sun because of the way the pad folders are designed which is along the lines of hiding behind slots that are angled down - open yet semi shielded.  

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