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Sennheiser AVX (with sound clips)

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I've been writing reviews for quite a long time, in various magazines, so I just love doing shoot-outs. So here's a couple of sound clips comparing the AVX system with a Sennheiser 2000 system etcetera.

The signal-path is a DPA 4017B shotgun mic -> SD664 with low-cut at 80Hz -> cable / AVX / SK_EK 2000 / G3 -> Antelope Pure2 ADC at 48kHz.

As you can hear in one of the sound clips, AVX is level sensitive and not at all as 'smart' as I thought it would be. To me it sounds like it pretty much has a set Threshold where it starts compressing excessive input level. I've set the outputs from my mixer to -10 which is fine for the SK2000 and the G3 transmitters I normally use as camera link. In comparison the output to the AVX transmitter had to be attenuated 20dB more, otherwise the internal compressor stomped down the level. 

Let me know what you think okay.

And thanks for putting up with my voice and my English. :-)




Hi Fred,


are you aware of the IP thing on G3, and does AVX do the same thing - on a tip ring sleeve 3.5mm plug, going into a G3 transmitter, one out of the tip and ring (I cant remember off hand) is unbalanced mic level, and the other is unbalanced line level, if I recall correctly. So - when you say 10db attenuation, plus another 20dB attenuation.... might you have been using the regular dynamic mic IP lead, rather than a line level IP lead, hence you had to pad down so much?


Kindest regards,


Simon B

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ninjafreddan: "my solution has been to use a hirose to USB connection and then power it via a USB connection."

Do you mean to say you're taking power from the camera's 12V hirose output and connecting it to the 3.7V receivers?  If so, is that a custom cable? 

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