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Real world SM battery life

Jeremiah Sheets

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Considering the Lecro SM for a small and inexpensive TX, but I'm concerned about life on a single AA.
I believe Lectro mentions around 3.5 − 4 Hrs on a 2200 mAh NiMH. I'm running 2500 Eneloop Pros. Anyone have any real world battery ratings for the SM with a similar battery? 4 hours won't cut it for me. If that's pretty accurate, I'll have to go with one of the 2-battery options.


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Jason is right. 

On an episodic TV show or feature, we change out the Imedion or black Eneloop NimH AAs at the 3hour mark - subs time in the morning,

and at 3 hours in in the afternoon.

Not a big deal for us, considering the hide ability and ruggedness of the MMs or SMa, SMVs.




Jim Rillie

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I have low serial number, first generation SMs, and even the big Powerex batteries fit. I started using rechargeable batteries in them long before there were all these choices, and only on a rare occasion or two did one get stuck. Easy enough to remove once it cooled off. 

Given the choice of a more standard size rechargeables like Eneloop, batteries getting stuck is simply a non issue. 

Using rechargeables should be standard practice, with lithiums going in only when necessary. It's irresponsible to do otherwise. 

Lecture from the old guy over. 

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I also typically use rechargeables and get a little more than 3.5 hours continuous use. But if you're diligent about sleeping the transmitter inbetween setups, you can stretch this out to 6 hours on scripted sets. For docos, live work, or critical interviews, I'll just use Lithiums so as not to take a chance on failure across 5 continuous hours. The SMQVs and the newer 2xAA L-series transmitters will go a lot longer.

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